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This is the text we found on your URL. We perform a little formating on text before we score it, resulting in the below.

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Readability Score


    Getting Started!

    You can use the URL scoring tool to tell you how easy a web page is to read.

    Enter a URL into the box on the left, click "Measure Readability", and on the right you will see a collection of statistics and scores, including:

    URL Scoring Tips

    • Enter URLs like this:

    • Specify a section of a page using IDs:


      Will measure the text in a tag like this:

            <div id="content">this text will be measured</div>
    • The tool works best with well-formed HTML.
    • Inline tags are ignored.


    Measuring Readability Score ...

    Readability Rating

    Ratings are from A to E, where A-rated text is very easy to read for the general public, and E-rated text is very hard to read.

    RATING: -

    Your average sentence length is too high. Try to shorten or split up some of your long sentences.
    You are using too many long words. Try replacing some of them with shorter alternatives.
    You may have too many clichés in your text.
    You may have too many instances of passive voice in your text.
    To improve your readability, try using shorter sentences and simpler words where possible.

    Readability Grade Levels

    A grade level (based on the USA education system) is equivalent to the number of years of education a person has had. A score of around 10-12 is roughly the reading level on completion of high school. Text to be read by the general public should aim for a grade level of around 8.

    Readability Formula Grade
    Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level -
    Gunning Fog Index -
    Coleman-Liau Index -
    SMOG Index -
    Automated Readability Index -
    Average Grade Level -

    Readability Scores

    These readability scoring algorithms do not provide grade levels. Please click on each score to find our more about what it represents and the ages it is appropriate for.

    Readability Formula Score
    Flesch Reading Ease -
    Spache Score -
    New Dale-Chall Score -

    Text Quality

    Sentences > 30 Syllables - -
    Sentences > 20 Syllables - -
    Words > 4 Syllables - -
    Words > 12 Letters - -
    Passive Voice Count - -
    Adverb Count - -
    Cliché Count - -
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