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File Readability

Premium members can upload almost any type of text file to and measure its readability, including PDF, Word doc, docx, ebook, txt, rtf and markdown!

Bulk (CSV) Readability

Need to measure a lot of text or URLs at once? No problem! Premium members can use our bulk tool to process text or URLs en-masse. Upload a CSV (easily generated from Excel or any other spreadsheet software) and our system will process it and send you the results a few minutes later.

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Premium subscriptions are great value and give access to our entire range of readability and keyword tools, including URL processing, file processing, bulk testing and our awesome keyword density alerts! Plus you get to use our awesome Dropbox and Slack apps. And there's even an API!

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Premium Benefits and Prices

Individual Business
Text Processing
User Logins 1 10+
URL Processing 50/day
Readability Alerts 50
Keyword Density Alerts
File Processing 10/day
Bulk Processing
API Access -
Prices $3/month* $15+/month*
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