Add to Dropbox Dropbox Integration

What's This?

Dropbox is a phenomenal tool, ideal for sharing files across computers or across teams. The convenience of just being able to drop a file into a normal folder and have it sync across machines is what's made it so successful.

That convenience is very, very appealing to us. What if could be as convenient? Well, now it can be. Install our free Dropbox app, and you get a special folder inside your Dropbox folder, into which you can drop any file we support and have it scored for readability immediately!

Need Some Help?

If you're having trouble, or if you just have a few questions, please email us at and we'll be happy to help.

How It Works

1. First - Register with Our Dropbox integration is limited to Business subscribers only.

2. Link your account to your Dropbox account to allow Dropbox and to talk to each other.

3. Drop Word documents, PDFs, CSVs of text and more into our special App folder to have them scored.

4. Receive the readability scores for your text immediately within the same Dropbox folder!

5. Get to work improving your content!

Results Files

Each time you score a file through Dropbox, you will get either one or two results files.

One, with file name ending in "readability.csv", is delivered for every file. If there is a problem, this file will tell you what the problem was. If not, it will include your processing results.

The second file, ending in "readability.png", will appear when you score a document (PDF, Word, etc), and will include highlighting of long words, passive voice, clichés and so on.