GUIDE 5 Steps to Improving Readability

Measuring readability is just the first step in improving your content - you have to act on those measurements as well! We've put together a short guide, with examples, to improving copy using

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Readability for Authors

For successful authors, checking for clichés, adverbs and passive voice problems is the job of their editor. For the rest of us, though, editing is a painstaking and laborious process and it's very easy to miss something. Read on to find out how can take some of the pain out of spotting and fixing editorial problems.

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12 Tips for Writing a Killer Blog

It's always great to see being useful to people, and even more so when it's recommended by its users to others! This great set of 12 tips for improving your blogging features in the number 1 spot!

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Now With Live Feedback!

We want to be more than just a provider of simple numeric feedback about the quality of your text, and so did many of you. So we improved it!

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GUIDE What Is Readability?

Wondering what "readability" means and what a "readability score" is useful for? You're looking in the right place! Read on for a potted history of readability, along with a few examples of modern-day usage.

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GUIDE Getting Started with Premium

Curious what's included in's premium services? Here's a rundown of the tools and features you can enjoy as a premium subscriber.

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Welcome to the Blog!

We love language, so it's about time we started talking about it! Our blog will be filled with interesting readability news, research, case studies and curiosities of language.

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