Our Readability Tools


Copy and paste text into our favourite tool to quickly work out readability and highlight problems.


Score webpages (or sections of webpages) by sending us a URL. You'll get all of our readability scores back, and highlighted text as well.


Score the readability of Word docs, PDFs, rich text - almost any text format - and receive a readability analysis in a spreadsheet format.



Once you've scored a URL, you might want to keep an eye on it to make sure it stays nicely readable in future. No problem, set up an alert and we'll check the page every day to make sure it's within your limits of readability, word count and even sentiment!

Browser Tools

Our browser tools are coming soon, but for the moment we've provided a handy bookmarklet, so you can highlight text on any webpage and send it to us for scoring.


Business Readability Tools

Slack App

Add readability scoring to your Slack channels, and measure content readability even faster with our custom slash commands!

Dropbox App

Our Dropbox app creates a special folder in your Dropbox, into which you can drop any file and quickly receive a full readability analysis of the file.


Integrate readability scoring into your own software, to make it even easier to keep your content under control.