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Welcome to! We want you to get the most out of your subscription, so we've written a short guide to the tools you now have access to. If you have any questions, please ask away!



Text Analysis

At the heart of is text analysis, and our text tool is the first thing everybody uses when they find the site.

It couldn't be simpler - you paste in text, click "Measure Readability", and you get a collection of scores back for your text, including the Flesch-Kincaid and Gunning-Fog scores, a keyword density analysis, and a host of other interesting numbers.

"But", you ask, "What if I want to process a lot of text? Isn't it going to take ages to copy and paste and record all the scores?".

Indeed it would, so we have a wonderful system in place to handle just such a problem - bulk uploads. Using the Premium File tool, you can upload a spreadsheet of text to the site, and it will measure every item and return you a spreadsheet with the results!

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URL Analysis

A large number of our users want to measure the readability of their websites. But it's a pain copying and pasting text over to the site, especially if you are measuring the same URL over and over again.

Enter the URL tool! Pop in a URL and the site will measure the readability of it. Premium users will see a full history of every URL they have ever scored, and can instantly re-score that URL.

If you have a lot of URLs to score ... no problem! You can upload a CSV of URLs to the Premium File tool and the site will score every single one of them and send you the results.

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File Analysis

We've mentioned the File processing tool a couple of times already, but in addition to processing spreadsheets of text and spreadsheets of URLs, it can also handle all of your text documents!

Simply upload a PDF, or a Word document, or one of a dozen other file formats, and we will send you the readability of the file as a spreadsheet in return!

Measure File Readability Now » Alerts

The alerts are one of our favourite parts of the site, and they are a search marketers dream come true. You can monitor your own site, or your client's sites, to ensure their key pages all maintain the right volume of content, the right levels of readability and the right keyword density for key phrases!

You can set up alerts directly from the URL analysis page, or add them on the Alert page, whichever you prefer. If there are no alerts in a given month for a specific URL, we'll also drop you a quick message at the end of the month to let you know all is well. Sometimes it's nice to receive an email with good news!

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Readability API

If all of our tools aren't enough for you, then you might find the Readability API useful. You can use the API to integrate readability analysis into your own software, so your team never need even visit the site to measure text readability!

Our API is fast and simple to work with, and we've included sample code in our documentation.

API access is open toTeam and Business subscribers only.

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Manage Your Team

Speaking of teams, you might want to give each of your users their own login. No problem, with our business plans you can add users with their own logins, and manage their accounts from yours. Add new users, remove old users, and upgrade and downgrade your account as your requirements change.

Team management is open to Team and Business subscribers only.

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