About Readable.io

A Brief History of Readable.io

In 2004, a young coder named Dave Child was looking for something to write to help develop his fledgling skills. He stumbled by chance across something called the Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease.

It was an interesting looking project - syllable counting is a tricky problem for a computer, so Dave set to work adapting existing syllable counters, and developing a tool for measuring Readability online.

Before long this new tool was attracting attention and getting a little usage, so Dave added the Gunning-Fog grade level algorithm to the tool

And then, Dave left it alone.

Years later, it had been building traffic, and growing in popularity, to the extent it needed its own server. And so Dave shifted it onto Readability-Score.com, where it lived for many years until moving once again, to Readable.io.

The traffic continued to grow, and more and more people were using it - accountants, lawyers, teachers, researchers and marketers, among others.

In 2016, Dave finally realised that what had started as a small side-project was far more useful than he'd expected, and turned his full-time attention to it as a new business.

Readable.io Today

Readable.io is now a growing collection of useful readability and writing tools. We want to help improve the quality of your website and document content.

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible to measure readability and to spot and correct problematic content. We believe in using plain English.

Our current collection of tools will help you measure the readability of Text (you can copy and paste almost anything into the site), web pages (and whole websites, coming soon), Word documents, PDFs, eBooks and more!

And you can measure the Readability of all of these from any web browser, Slack, Dropbox and almost anywhere else, using our API!