Welcome to the Readable.io Blog!

Readability-Score.com was first launched in 2011, as a home for a pet project of Dave Child, an enthusiastic web developer and budding entrepreneur. 

Initially a simple text analysis tool, the core functionality has remained free ever since the site was first launched, and since then a whole suite of useful readability tools has been added, including several new readability scoring algorithms, a readability API, and various automated alerts to monitor your website readability and keyword density.

In early 2017, the site moved to its new permanent home - Readable.io!

This blog is an opportunity to talk about language - to explore what makes text readable, to share tips and tricks for great writing, and to dig up the occasional curiosity from the depths of the dictionary.

Dave Child

Dave is the founder of Readable.io, and has been building websites since the early 90s. He's one of those fortunate people who gets to do what he loves for a living.



What is Readable.io?

Readable.io is a collection of premium tools for improving the quality of your writing.

You can measure how easy your text is to read, how well it targets certain words and phrases, and even sign up to receive alerts when certain URLs are not performing.

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